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9Bach Canada Read more

9Bach were awarded funding to enable them to travel to showcase at Mundial Montreal in November 2016.

Berney, Hannah USA Read more

Violet Skies was awarded funding to participate in the UKTI Songwriting Camp in Nashville in September 2016.

Berney, Hannah Katie China Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Violet Skies were supported to showcase at Sound of the Xity Festival and Conference in China, April-May 2017

Bonada, Marja Germany Read more

A group show in Tololbox Berlin for three Wales based artists in June 2016.

Bonello, Gareth Sweden Read more

Gareth Bonello was funded to travel to Sweden to attend an international writers camp and showcase at the Live at Heart Festival in August 2016.

Brown, Carol Australia Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Carol Brown was supported to enable her to travel to Sydney, Australia with two colleagues to collaborate with Ever After Theatre in November 2016.

Campbell-Moore, Roy India Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Roy Cambpell-Moore received funding for himself, Ann Sholem and Phil Williams to collaborate with Indian artists in January/February 2017.

Cartwright, Jason Italy Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Jason applied on behalf of the collabroative duo Jason&Becky to undertake a month long residency in a homelessness charity in Venice during the Architecture Biennale in July 2016.

Celtic Neighbours Spain Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Celtic Neighbours received support to continue developing links with partners in the Basque Country, specifically through a residency for Luned Rhys Parri in Lekunberri during 2017

Chambers, Gareth Australia Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Gareth Chambers and his production assistant, Nia Morris, received support to travel to perform Llaeth/Milk at Yirramboi festival in Melbourne, May 2017.

Copp, Gemma Mauritius Read more

Gemma was supported to undertake a period of research and development in Mauritius as a part of the Ephemeral Coast project in association with Mission Gallery.

Cox, Richard India Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Richard Cox was supported to take the Open Books exhibition tour to Rajasthan, India in January 2017

Dalton, Gordon Argentina Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Gordon Dalton applied for support to undertake a one month residency in URRA Tigre, near Buenos Aires, in October 2016.

Davies, Rhodri Norway Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Rhodri Davies received funds to take up an invitation to perform at the Borealis Festival in Bergen, Norway in March 2017.

Devlin, Ronan USA Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Ronan Devlin applied for funding to exhibit and attend Creative Tech week in New York.

Dowmunt, Zosia Egypt Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Zosia received support to undertake a period of development with her collaborators in Egypt in September 2016.

Edmunds, Laura France Read more
Laura Edmunds -DRAW International - 2016

Laura received support to travel to France to undertake a one month residency at DRAW International.

Emberton, Gwyn Sweden Read more

Gwyn Emberton applied for funding to particiapte in an internaiotnal projects between partners in Finland, Sweden, Wales and Scotland.

Gilhespy, Tom Russia Read more
Tom Gilhespy - Cera Mystica - 2016

Tom received support to participate at the Baikal-CeraMystica Symposia in Russia.

Greenhalgh, Jill Cuba Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

Jill Greenhalgh received funding to travel to Cuba to collaborate with Cuban and international artists at Magdalena sin Frontieras in January 2018.

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