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Busby, Rachel Argentina Read more
Rachel Busby_IOF_URRA_Residency_BuenosAires_Oct2014

Rachel Busby was invited to attend the annual URRA month long residency in Buenos Aires in October 2014.

Parri, Luned Rhys Argentina Read more

Luned Rhys Parri applied to travel to Patagonia in Argentina in November 2014 to research the people and the place to inform a new body of work.

Arwel, Rhisiart Argentina Read more

Rhisiart Arwel travelled to Argentina in February 2015 to perform at the Patagonia Celtica festival in Trevelin and to meet with potential collaborators across Chubut.

Stamp, Shaun Armenia Read more
Shaun Herbert-Stamp

Shaun undertook a two month residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Haukijärvi, Finland based on the theme of Silence, Awareness, Existence, in November – December 2014.

Greenhalgh, Jill Australia Read more

Jill Greenhalgh travelled to Australia with support from Wales Arts International and Aberystwyth University to work on her collaborative project, The Quietude Project – The Book of Space.

Bonello, Gareth Australia Read more

Gareth was invited to perform at Perth International Arts Festival and Great Southern Blues Festival, Feb 23- March 16 2015.

Wales Arts Review Austria Read more

Wales Arts Review was funded to enable Steph Power to travel to Bregenzer Festspiele 2014 to provide coverage of the event.

Moore, James Austria Read more

James undertook a month long residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt in December 2014.

Iwanowski, Michal Belarus Read more

Michal Iwanowski was invited to exhibit his work ‘Clear of People’ at Y Gallery in Minsk, Belarus.

Young, Joanna Belgium Read more

Joanna was supported to undertake a three week residency at the internationally acclaimed arts organisation Work Space Brussels in May 2015, where she developed a new work, Don’t think about a purple daisy’.

Harris, Tracy Bulgaria Read more

Tracy applied on behalf of herself, Paul Jenkins and Niyaz Saghari to perform Better/Worse at the Art Forum Festival in Sofia Bulgaria in December 2014.

Edwards, Jonathan Canada Read more

Jonathan applied for funding for him and his collaborator, Louise Evans, for two visits – Tokyo in March 2015 and Toronto in May 2015.

Disson, Joseph Canada Read more

Joseph Disson applied on behalf of his band The Undivided, who were invited to showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Canada in May 2015.

Davoren, Thomas Canada Read more
SaskatchewanBrassBandResidency_ThomasDavoren_ thumbnail_Aug2014

Thomas Davoren was invited to participate in the Saskatchewan Brass Band Residency, 5-9 August 2014 in Canada as a guest conductor, clinician at the residency and a featured composer.

Fowler, Dylan Canada Read more
Dylan Fowler_IOF_2014

Dylan Fowler applied to Wales Arts International for funding to enable him to travel to Canada to explore Celtic music from Wales and music that has become part of Canadian Music culture with his collaborator, Shawn Trotter.

Drum With Our Hands Ltd. Canada Read more

Camera applied to attend and play showcase at NXNE in Toronto

Bettridge, Dan Canada Read more
Elfen/Dewi Glyn Jones

NXNE booked Dan for two showcases in Toronto this year which were his first international performances.

Gwyn, Richard Chile Read more

Richard Gwyn travelled to Argentina and Chile to attend the launches of The Vagabond’s Breakfast in Spanish in those countries.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition China Read more

The Lumen Prize took their digital art exhibition to Hong Kong in June 2014, displaying 50 works from the Lumen Prize Exhibition and an installation by the winner of the Founder’s Prize, Genetic Moo in collaboration with Hong Kong artists.

Williams, Jeremy Huw China Read more

Jeremy Huw Williams was supported to travel to China to perform recitals in a number of institutions to develop his links in this country and introduce new audiences to his work and Welsh music.

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