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Budget Form help notes

Your completed budget needs to balance so that the total income figure equals the total expenditure figure. Applications requesting support for 100% of the costs are not eligible for the International Opportunities Fund.

Section 1: Important info

Here you put the name of your organisation, or your name (if applying as an individual).

Section 2: Project income

Most of this section is filled in automatically, however please consider the following:

Partnership funding:

We expect to see an appropriate level of partnership funding from an international source in the budget. This shows that your international partners are committed to the aims and objectives of your project and are prepared to invest in it. It also means they can help share some of the financial risk.

We recognise that there are some countries and regions where the local economic context makes it more difficult to raise cash partnership support, and we take this into consideration during the assessment process. In these instances, we would expect to see in-kind support offered by the partners.

For some research and development visits, one of the objectives might be to identify international funding possibilities and you may not yet have cash partnership support in place. However, we would expect to see commitment to your visit in the form of international in-kind support, or to see a contribution from other sources in Wales or your own funds.

For participation in or attendance at some events such as trade fairs, international cash funding may not be appropriate. We would expect to see either partnership support from other sources in Wales or your own contribution.

You will need to provide written evidence of all cash and in kind contributions.

Section 3: Project expenditure details

This is where you provide a breakdown of all the costs. Please detail how you have arrived at each cost and use the dropdown to indicate how the cost will be funded.

Return travel from UK:

Please select your primary form of transport.

If you have taken a decision to travel by a specific form of transport for environmental or access reasons, please note your rationale in the activity section of the form.

Transfer costs (UK):

These are the return travel costs incurred between your journey starting point in Wales (eg your home address) and the point of final departure in the UK (eg airport or rail station).

Transfer and internal travel costs (outside of UK):

These are a) the costs incurred between your point of arrival outside of the UK and the first place where you will be staying (eg airport to hotel) and any other planned travel costs incurred outside of the UK that are directly linked to the project (eg train journey from one city to another). Any daily travel costs (eg bus from hotel to studio) should be factored into the per diems cost.

Per diems (daily subsistence rates):

Per diem is the daily allowance for meals and travel expenses.

Professional Artist Fees:

We would usually expect to see appropriate fees for professional artists within the budget, particularly when you have been invited to participate in a project or to present work by the international partner.

In certain circumstances a fee may not be expected or appropriate; for example, research and development visits or trade events, and collaborative projects that you have developed yourself where you have decided not to request a fee.

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