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Welsh Arts Critics’ Development Programme

Wales Arts International is working in partnership with Visiting Arts to deliver a development programme for Welsh Arts Critics. Designed to develop coverage and critical discussion of Welsh arts, the intensive workshop and subsequent bespoke programme, provides an opportunity to critique work together and explore the role of the art critic.

The programme was launched in April 2011 with an open call announcement and 34 applications were received. The successful candidates are as follows:

Lowri Hâf Cooke – a regular reviewer on bbc.co.uk/cymru/cylchgrawn/ffilm; Red Handed Magazine, Barn, Tu Chwith, Y Twll, Radio Cymru and Golwg
Amelia Forsbrook - a stage editor, theatre critic, freelance arts correspondent and co- founder of art.IS blog. Awarded 'Best Critic' by Tim Jonze, Editor of Guardian.co.uk in the Cardiff University Student Media Awards
Dylan Moore – founding editor CFUK; founding co-editor The Raconteur and alumnus of the National Theatre of Wales / Literature Wales ‘New Critic’ scheme.
Susie Wild - a freelance journalist, PR, poet, writer and editor, and a regular contributor to Buzz magazine.

The participants have successfully completed a two-day induction, and each have been paired with an established critic who will provide 1:1 mentorship over a period of six-months. All four participants have received financial and logistical support to attend two overseas arts platforms featuring Welsh artists.

The individual travel plans for the participants are as follows:

Lowri Haf Cooke visited Australia at the beginning of October 2011 to capture the collaboration between Welsh band, 9bach and the indigenous Australian group, Black Arm Band Company. Please click here for further information.

Susie Wild and Dylan Moore will travel to Kerala in November 2011 to cover different aspects of Hay Kerala and Wales Arts International’s Writers’ Chain; please click here for further information. Susie will also visit Artisterium 4, the Tiblisi-based annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Georgia in November 2011. Artisterium will feature Toni Dewhurst and Lois Williams and this Welsh exhibition will be curated by Martin Barlow.

Amelia Forsbrook will travel to India in November 2011 engaging with National Dance Company Wales’ tour. Please click here for further information.

Publication partners will ensure that material generated will be published for all critics and the programme will conclude with a day of reflection for the group.

All four critics also attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2011 to review Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru / Sherman Cymru’s performance of Llwyth and National Theatre Wales’ The Dark Philosophers. For further information on Wales Arts International's involvement at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, please click here.

Further information regarding the work of the Critics will be available soon on the Wales Arts International website.

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