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British Music Abroad Scheme

The British Music Abroad scheme is designed to nurture emerging British music talent. Funded by PRSF, UK Trade & Investment, Wales Arts International and British Underground on behalf of Arts Council England, the scheme offers financial support to emerging UK acts that have been selected for key overseas showcase opportunities.

Wales Arts International is pleased to announce that it is working in partnership with the British Music Abroad scheme to fund Welsh artists to perform at international showcase events; the PRS Foundation is in regular contact with Wales Arts International regarding any Wales based artists that apply for the scheme.

British Music Abroad is aimed at those who are making waves in the UK and are ready to make broader international impact. A large part of the cost of showcasing is travel and accommodation costs which, for an emerging act, can be prohibitive. British Music Abroad provides financial support towards these costs. The scheme enables those at this critical stage in their careers to take advantage of the benefits offered by international showcasing.

Who can apply?
If you are a UK based act or artist who performs original music and you have been offered a place to perform at one of the showcase events listed below, you can apply to British Music Abroad for funding to help you get there. Funding is only available for performing musicians and not for tour managers or members of crew.

PRSF recognises the following events as offering showcasing opportunities:

• Canadian Music Week (CMW)
• CMJ Music Marathon
• Eurosonic
• Jazz Ahead
• Montreal Jazz Festival
• North by North East (NXNE)
• North American Folk Alliance Conference (Folk Alliance)
• Popkomm
• South by South West (SXSW)

If you’ve been invited to a showcase event not on this list, please contact PRSF in the first instance.

What can I apply for?
British Music Abroad supports up to 75% of travel and accommodation costs, which break down as follows:

• Return flights
• Transport to/from airports
• Hotel
• Per diems (up to £20/person - daily allowance for subsistence/food expenses)
• Visa applications (if applicable)

You will be expected to finance at least 25% of these costs yourself or from other sources.

What is British Music Abroad looking for?
British Music Abroad is a very competitive scheme and currently only 20% of applicants are awarded funding. You will therefore need to make the strongest possible case as to why you should be supported.

Upon their return, successful applicants will be asked to complete an evaluation form that captures:

• The aims and how these were met
• Grading of the showcase event
• Any unexpected outcomes
• Any press coverage
• Advice for future attendees

For further information and details regarding deadlines and application forms, please visit:
Or contact:

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