Carreg Lafar

Carreg Lafar

Carreg Lafar perform lively and passionate traditional Welsh music. Through a mixture of traditional and original music, Carreg Lafar convey a healthy and vibrant spirit, rooted firmly in Wales’s tradition of song and dance music. The music is a lively mixture of fiddle, flute, hornpipe, bagpipes and guitar, together with dynamic vocals. Carreg Lafar have recorded three albums with Sain, namely Ysbryd y Werin, Hyn and Profiad.

Carreg Lafar are: Linda Owen Jones (vocals), Rhian Evan-Jones (fiddle), James Rourke (flute), Antwn Owen Hicks (pipes and vocals) and Danny Kilbride (guitar).

"At a time when so many Welsh releases are pushing the envelope and seeking to stand in line with a wider world - all honorable and worthy aims - it's refreshing to come right back to the core and listen to the excellence that Welsh trad, done well, can conjure…The band are sharp, their playing by turn breathily atmospheric, or paced and driving and vocalist Linda Owen Jones carries all before her in splendid fashion."
- Folk Roots Magazine (review of Profiad)

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