Anna Lewis

Alencar, Tete de

Exhibition for International Women's day at the MuVIM in Spain and Romerias de Mayo, Art festival for the young artists and promoters in Holguin, Cuba.

The idea for Cinderella Flash came when Tete was walking in New Bond Street in London while doing her MA in Saint Martins College. 
The bodyguards outside the shops and the shops assistants' attitude made her very curious and because of that, she found courage to walk inside a Christian Dior shop wearing a pair of old jeans covered in paint and a t-shirt. She then decided, to the horror of a shop assistant, to try on a dress. Tete usually carries a disposable camera in her bag and in a moment of complete rebellion photographed herself in secret wearing a £20000 dress. 
She left the shop feeling some kind of victory.

Cinderella Flash was first shown at the Oriel Mostyn in 2004, and was later produced in New York, Paris, London and Sao Paulo. WAI funded Tete to exhibit existing work and to develop her site specific project Cinderella Flash as part of MuVIM in Valencia and Mayorias de Mayo in Cuba.

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