Gilhespy, Tom

Paber Kannatab Koike

Tom was supported to visit Tallinn to install his work in a group exhibition at the Gallery of Architecture and Design there in November 2014. He attended the opening event and had an opportunity to network with colleagues and experience their reactions to his work, and see the exhibition in its full form. The show then travelled to Parnu Arts Centre, and was booked for a further month’s exhibition at Saaremaa. His relationships with artists and gallerists in the area have been developing for a number of years.

Tom said:
"During the opening I suddenly realised just how close my links with the Estonian Sculptors Union are. Maybe this relates to a particular generation but so many of the people showing and attending the opening would count as close colleagues. In typical Eastern European tradition I received flowers and presents at the opening and am certain that in at least two or three cases people had travelled considerable distances to attend the opening and to meet me again."

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