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Arad Goch

Performance of ONE STEP TWO STEPS at the Kingfestival, Russia

Arad Goch creates theatre for children and young people and tours extensively throughout Wales performing in Welsh and English. ONE STEP TWO STEPS was a new concept in Arad Goch's work: the interactive performance, created y Jeremy Turner and FFion Wyn Bowen, is for an audience of small children and their parents and is performed outdoors and inside - the action moving from one location to the other; the interior part of the performance is performed in an enclosed environment. The performance premiered in 2010 and because of its popularity it's initial short season was extended - eventually spanning three years and over 270 performances in Wales. One of the international visitors to AGOR DRYSAU-OPENING DOORS commented: "One Step, Two Step had a good balance between poetic show about Welsh landscape and creative performance for little kids, very poetic mix of Welsh culture and theatre for children"

WAI provided Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch with assistance towards travel costs to Russia, to perform the company's production, One Step Two Steps, by invitation from the International Theatre Kingfestival, Russia.

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