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CAAPO: Formal Interference

CAAPO travelled to Florence, Italy to produce a public art project in the city centre in May 2014. Their partners in Italy were Spazi Docili, Florence Department of Culture and Le Murate Cultural Centre who helped putting together this large project which included 8 Public Interventions over 8 days, an Associated Programme of Events and an Exhibition.

CAAPO Creative Director, Brychan Tudor, "As the primary funding body for this project, WAI’s assistance was absolutely key in enabling it to take place. Without this support – a lot of new work would not have been conceived or produced, new partnerships would not have been formed and CAAPO would not have obtained vital experience in executing an international project of this scale.

CAAPO knew the potential importance of this project before we left for Italy and it has indeed proved to be the highest profile project that we have produced to date. To produce 8 new works in the public sphere; a range of workshops, film and dialogue events as part of the additional engagement events programme; and an

exhibition in an exciting international cultural venue - over a 2 week period - is a distinctive achievement and one that will feed our organisation for many years to come. This project will help our organisation to grow and develop and we are extremely thankful for the support the WAI has given us.

As a direct result of this project, CAAPO now has the right level of proven international experience in co-ordinating international public art projects outside of the UK. This will be extremely important as we begin to plan and build larger international partnership projects (funded through EU cultural programmes)."

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