Jessica Lloyd-Jones

Lloyd-Jones, Jessica

Residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland

My six-week residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre was a turning point for new directions in my creative practice that has resulted from an intensely productive and thought provoking experience. The outcome of the research and investigation I carried out was a solo show entitled ‘At the Edge of Light and Darkness’ exploring themes of energy and matter in response to the disused Arigna coal mine and geological connections in the landscape.

The residency enabled me to respond to a new context through engagement with the local area. I collaborated with other creative practitioners at the Sculpture Centre, developing new skills and lifelong contacts. It ultimately gave me the freedom to learn, engage with others and be purely creative in a self-directed and non-prescriptive manner. I came to realise that the most important aspect was the learning process and engagement with others as opposed to my expectations of presenting a final show.

Collaboration and networking with others has opened up new future potential partnerships and international opportunities. Being able to immerse myself in a community of other creative practitioners has given me a fresh perspective on my own creative practice and how I want to develop it in the future.

The Leitrim Sculpture Centre, in Manorhamilton is a truly unique place. For such a well advanced centre to exist in a small rural town is quite amazing. It grew from humble beginnings – set up by two artists with a passion for sculpture and has developed over the years as its artist community grew. Manorhamilton has attracted a huge number of creative practitioners over the years, many of whom have come from all over Ireland and abroad to undertake a residency and have stayed. The artistic community is further supported by the existence of a thriving contemporary theatre and a newly opened Fab Lab with a range of digital technologies; all in a town with just a population of only 1,336.

WAI supported Jessica Lloyd-Jones to undertake a six week residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton, Ireland.

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