Greece Grief

Williams, John

Research visit to Greece

During July and August 2015 Richard James and John Williams spent four weeks in Greece, mostly in Epirus and Athens. During that time they recorded more than 20 hours of traditional Greek music and shot more than 30 hours of video footage of the summer festivals that take place in the region of Epirus. They filmed and recorded music made by Richard in collaboration with musicians they met and they interviewed leading Greek folk musicians. They met local filmmakers, festival organisers, arts and tourism entrepreneurs and historians. John Williams recorded 12 hours of video diary footage, telling the story of the emotional journey that lay behind this investigation of the traditional music of Epirus.

For Richard, it gave him the chance to develop his practice by engaging with a folk music tradition that has links to the Welsh and Anglo-American folk traditions. It gave John the chance to develop his practice by finding a way of incorporating recent and devastating emotional experiences into a new form of travel writing.

With regard to developing this project further, John explains "We believe this project has great future potential. We plan to make a full-length art documentary film, a CD of original music inspired by Epirus, a CD of recordings of traditional Epirotic folk music, a book detailing Johns individual journey and then to combine all these elements into a series of multimedia events that will incorporate live music, readings and film screening. We achieved so much is all thanks to the support of Wales arts International."

WAI supported John Williams and Richard James to travel to Greece in order to research a new artistic and collaborative project.

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