Anna Lewis

Lewis, Llyr

European Festival of the First Novel, Kiel, Germany

Llyr was funded to attend the European Festival of the First Novel in Kiel, Germany in May 2015.

"Taking part in this festival was invaluable to reach a wider audience for my work. By participating in the festival, an international audience of authors, editors and literature lovers got a a taste of my novel, Rhyw Flodau Rhyfel, in German and French after an excerpt was translated especially for the event.

There were two key elements that surfaced as wider benefits to the project. Firstly, as writers in the festival were sharing their work, it became clear that there were some common themes between novels, and a similar feeling of helplessness or of an inability to face and challenge the state of modern life within them. Many novels portrayed a number of different aspects of this state, but were finding it hard to discover answers to overcome this helplessness. The conversations we had about this will have a direct impact on by own practice and methods in the future as I search for new experimental ways to try to find these answers.

Secondly, we had numerous conversations regarding translation and the different advantages and challenges of literary translation. I found that my publishers and I had much in common with writers and publishers from other countries such as Greenland, because of difficulty in communicating text with a wide audience in a European minority language without relying on a majority language such as English, German or Danish as some kind of intermediary. The festival was therefore very valuable in making connections with authors and publishers that are in a similar situation to Welsh, and creating a possibility for further collaboration."

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