Anna Lewis

James Hawes

James Hawes was supported to enable him to research, organise and curate an exhibition of a long forgotten murder mystery involving Queen Victoria's cook in 1865 in Bonn City Museum, Germany, May-Aug 2015. Following the project, James reported:

"This was a first for me, after producing screeplays, plays and novels: a physical exhibition based on my work, in a historic house of major national significance in Germany, backed by a major state-funded institution (the Bonn City Museum).

This required a level of hands-on involment that was completely new to me, right down to the level of the placing of individual artefacts and of giving the opening address.

I would have had great difficulty affording the multiple trips to Bonn this involved without the generous help of WAI. The whole process has givem me entirely new insights into the public, physical presentation of my work."

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