Anna Lewis

Hijinx Theatre

Hijinx Theatre were support to send 4 staff members to travel to Berlin for No Limits Inclusive Theatre Festival and 1 member of staff to travel to two theatres in Demark/Sweden to discuss future collaborations. In the project report they stated:

"The aim of this project was to make links with European Inclusive arts festivals and theatre companies, to both inform them of the work of Hijinx Theatre, with view to future touring and collaboration, and view potential performance to book for our own Unity Festival in Cardiff.

Support from WAI international enabled a 9 day trip to visit the No Limits Festival in Berlin, Theatr Glad in Denmark and Mooms Teatren in Sweden.

Within the 9 days a total of 14 productions were seen.

Meetings were had with 6 separate inclusive theatre companies spanning Berlin, Copenhagen and Malmo.

A 2 day seminar was attended discussing ownership of creative output when creating art in an inclusive environment

A meeting took place with Andreas Merder, Director of The No Limits Festival and 5 similar festivals in Germany and Switzerland."

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