Laura Edmunds -DRAW International - 2016

Edmunds, Laura

Partnership with DRAW International

Laura received support to travel to France to undertake a one month residency at DRAW International.

Following the residency, Laura said:

"The project was an opportunity to explore drawing through film and sound, with a specialist network supporting me. Furthermore, it was the opportunity to present my work to an international audience. With the support of Wales Arts International, I have been able to suspend my usual practice and routine, and explore methods in my work that I previously hadn’t had the opportunity, time or support in which to do so. Furthermore, this was an opportunity provided to me that enabled risk-taking. Developing work that was new territory within my practice would not have been possible without this support.

The work sought to explore the temporal and the attempt to capture a fragile moment through film. This activity opened up a lot of questions that will eventually act as a framework for PhD study at some point in the future. The projects objectives were achieved as I had originally set out – the itinerary I had written helped to guide the time I spent at DRAW International. Without this, it may have been a more organic development but it helped to drive the project forward and to keep me in focus during the process.

Working with Grete and John at DRAW International meant that I could create and critique my work to specialists in their field – with a particular focus on performance drawing and film, and the boundary between the two. Relocating and presenting my practice to an international audience has been beneficial through the dialogues and networking opportunities that have arisen on a personal, individual level, but also through linking Wales to other artists in countries such as Brazil, USA, Germany and Tasmania, as a representative of Welsh art."

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