Bird-Jones&Heald, Women's International Glass Workshops 2014

Bird-Jones, Christine

Womens International Glass Workshop 2014

Chris Bird Jones applied for her and her collaborator, Karen Heald, to participate in The Women's International Stained Glass Workshop in France in 2014.

The Women’s International Stained Glass Workshop is over 25 years old, and brings together female glass artists from all over the world to collaborate and share ideas and practice with each other whilst travelling and researching contemporary and traditional stained glass in situ. A strong feature of this visit was architectural glass, and some of the research findings will be useful in their creation of future work.

Chris Bird-Jones has been a member of the group for some years, but this was the first opportunity for Karen Heald to be involved. The collaboration provided a unique perspective to experience the workshop and a focus for them to film and document the visit.

The group is made up of individuals from all over the world, some of them linked to prestigious organisations such as the Stained Glass Association of America, or Kunstverein Baden. This not only offered a stimulating debate, but also an opportunity to discuss further collaborative projects in the future.

The collaboration has been friuitful so far, offering inspiration for its continuation and development. Some highlights were:

"Not only visiting a carefully compiled list of significant architectural glass work in modern and contemporary buildings in France, artists’ studios and museums but also developing and focusing on patterns of daily visual delights. For example: figuressilhouetted against illuminated backdrops; hand gestures; composite interiors; changing landscapes…."

Two other artists from Wales participated in the workshop, Amber Hiscott and Catrin Jones.

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