Hiscott, Amber

Women's International Glass Workshop 2014

Amber Hiscott participated in The Women's International Stained Glass Workshop in France in 2014 alongside other Wales-based artists, Catrin Jones, Chris Bird-Jones and Karen Heald.

The Women’s International Stained Glass Workshop is over 25 years old, and brings together female glass artists from all over the world to collaborate and share ideas and practice with each other whilst travelling and researching contemporary and traditional stained glass in situ. A strong feature of this visit was architectural glass, and some of the research findings will be useful in their creation of future work.

The group is made up of individuals from all over the world, some of them linked to prestigious organisations such as the Stained Glass Association of America, or Kunstverein Baden. This not only offered a stimulating debate, but also an opportunity to discuss further collaborative projects in the future.

Amber said:

"This was a specific exploration of selected stained glass installed in French architecture since the millennium, plus visits to French studios, Sainte Gobain glass factory and several iconic modern buildings, (that demonstrate a unique relationship with colour and light)- always travelling in the company of other female professional glass artists from nine different countries.

This was a fascinating and fairly exhausting adventure, which has given me a lot of food for thought. I have been able to see see challenging, contemporary, French stained glass in out of the way places. This medium - even after all these years of mining it - never fails to intrigue and inspire."

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