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Graham, Alison

Ceramicist Alison Graham was supported to participate in a residency at the DRaw International Centre in France. Upon completion of the project, Alison reported:

"The support of Wales Art International enabled me to accept the first of an annual Scholarship Residency/Exposition offered by John and Grete McNorton of DRAWinternational in Caylus, France.

My project was to present a 5 week solo exposition of ceramic artworks and to undertake a residency in the neighbouring studio space to develop my practice and to demonstrate and discuss my technique and inspiration to visitors for the duration of the exhibition.

With the support of both Wales Arts International and DRAWinternational I was able to immerse myself into an incredibly inspiring and unfamiliar environment and to explore and develop new approaches to drawing through the medium of ceramics.

Focusing on principles of creating space, depth and movement through various methods of applying colour and glaze- ideas underpinned by my doctoral studies-I developed a new colour palette, drawing methods and compositions directly inspired by this ancient and beautiful medieval location in the south of France. Furthermore, I developed a new and exciting approach to my ceramics practice; one which echoes properties of both printmaking and watercolour techniques, whilst utilising the unique alchemical properties of ceramic colour, glaze and clay.

Managing the exhibition on a daily basis, alongside regular demonstrations of my techniques in my studio to visitors, allowed me the valuable opportunity to network, discuss, debate and disseminate my research findings, principles and inspiration to a wide audience of artists, makers, gallery owners and the general public, in both English and French."

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