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Bonada, Marja

Pihatto Exhibition

Marja Bonada visited Finland in May 2015 to install and host the opening of an exhibition based on a collaboration between artists in Finland and North East Wales. The artists from Wales included Angela Davies, Ant Dickson, Katie Cyfenw, and Tom Gilhespy who also travelled to Finland for the whole period.

This visit, exchange and model working together has inspired a desire to continue to develop the relationships between artists in the Wrexham area in particular, and strengthen this network in the same way as the Finnish group which they met on the visit. This will in turn foster greater ambition and confidence to reach out further afield.

A number of galleries and individuals have expressed interest in the group show and in the individual artists, with potential to work in Russia, a show booked in Berlin, and enthusiastic collaborations to come.

Of her experience, and on behalf of the group Marja said:

"I would like to thank WAI for the support; it was a truly valuable journey on so many levels. I feel that we left a positive mark on the places we visited, just as we were affected positively by our experiences in Finland. I fully intend to make the most of the opportunities that arise and keep the momentum that we have built up so far."

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