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Hall, Jenny

Designer and architect, Jenny Hall, undertook a residency at the Fiskars Cultural Village in collaboration with the Wood Program at Alva Aalton University Helsinki, Finland. Following the residency, Jenny reported:

"I wanted to explore Finnish indoor-outdoor architecture and to consider ‘how to make new work’ that responds to contemporary culture. I sought immersion within an artistic community to imbibe the minimal, taut expression of their product design, artworks and architecture.

Key to my residency in the rural village of Fiskars was my weekly group tutorial at the Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki as a visiting critic for the Wood Program. This was immensely rewarding. I was afforded this opportunity because I was artist in residence at Fiskars, a centre of excellence recognised by Finns everywhere.

Inspired by the flow of ideas generated between the 15 international Wood Program students and tutors each week, I would return to the studio with new forms to explore: new puzzles to solve. This process felt rich and rewarding to be making in card, wood and paper, tessellating, reciprocating and creating self-supporting structures as well as irregular, abstract forms driven by a desire to create a continuous surface as roof, floor and wall element.

I learnt about the technical nuances involved in making paper folds and creating reciprocal tessellated structures as well as how a single change can alter the outcome entirely for example connecting tetrahedrons in different arrangements

alters the structural integrity of the whole. This process was unstructured by purpose yet the making in itself yielded many lovely shapes and insights into possible applications for these models."

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