Emilie Collins

Collins, Emilie

Polku (The Path) / Pussaa Sutta (Kiss the Wolf) / Hukka Perii (The Wolf Will Take You)

Emily received funding for a month long residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Hämeenkyrö, South West Finland. Emily’s practice mainly takes the form of site specific or site responsive art. Her original ideas revolved around the idea of engaging with the space of the woods surrounding the residency. As such, prior to going to Arteles, she researched into the symbolism of the forest, folklore, myths and fairytales as well as their importance in the shaping of our psyche, with the intention of developing a body of work related to those themes.

During the residency, the project expanded and altered as Emily explored the area, discovering its contrasts. The performance took the form of a ritual or an initiation in the woods, territorializing the forest and bringing others to its place.

Emily says that "the support of WAI has been invaluable in this project, enabling me to expand upon my practice of performance art and, in doing so, creating new contacts and collaborations."

WAI provided support for Emily to travel to Hämeenkyrö, South West Finland and to take part in a residency at Arteles Creative Centre.

Visual Arts,

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