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Griffiths, Catrin

Catrin Griffiths (Ceramicist) was supported to participate in 6 week residency in Guldagergaard International Research Centre in Denmark. When she returned, Catrin reported that:

"My aims when starting the journey was to develop a new body of work that would be site specific, to work on developing my ideas and inspiration, as well as aiding me to develop further technical skills to those I learnt at University, where I would then be able to transfer the skills back to my main practice at home.

During my time at Guldagergaard I certainly accomplished this, by learning further traditional plaster working skills for developing my slip casting designs, as well as learning useful tips for casting and attaching elements together, through conversations I had with other participants, and the library facilities that the centre offered. Once I had obtained this knowledge I pushed the ideas forward to combine them with modern 3D printing technology. Whilst I do not have this technology at home, I felt that I should take the opportunity to explore what potential the facilities could offer my work. The funding I received made this experience possible as there were additional tuition costs for the use of the technology. Another opportunity, this time to conduct a soda firing, was also presented to me, again unfamiliar territory. As these facilities were not available to us at my past institution, I had no experience of the process itself nor the effects of it. With the facilities at Guldagergaard, I was able to experience the steps involved in the process of soda firing, and I was able to test my own specific piece of work to experience the effects, first hand. Although a very interesting and uncontrollable process, it has clarified for me that working with different firing techniques are not important to my work at this point. Having said this, I believe that learning about the firing, what is involved and what kind of outcomes the firing provides, has all been an invaluable experience that will help inform my choices in the future."

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