Anna Lewis

Ayscough, Duncan

Knowing how sort after residency opportunities at Guldergaad are, Duncan is very honoured to have been offered the opportunity to be part of this international community. Guldergaad International Ceramic Centre has become one of Europe's most dynamic residency programs available to ceramic artist professionals. Ceramic artists', designers and craftsmen have the possibility of working together, thereby increasing artistic development, professional experience and networks.

Over the last twenty years Duncan has worked consistently as both a practicing ceramic artist and as an educationalist in art and design at higher educational levels. Over this period of time he has been able to develop a professional standing of significance within the subject area. Much of his creative focus over this time has been directed towards refining and finessing both technical and creative ambition.

WAI contributed to Duncan Ayscough’s costs to partake in an artist’s residency at Guldergaad International Ceramic Centre in Denmark.


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