Harris, Tracy

Better/Worse 17/11/2014

Tracy applied on behalf of herself, Paul Jenkins and Niyaz Saghari to perform Better/Worse at the Art Forum Festival in Sofia Bulgaria in December 2014. They had an opportunity to meet theatre maker from a number of different countries, including Italy, Iran, Russia, Bulgaria and Poland. They are in discussion about future opportunities for this work and possible collaborations to create new pieces.

In their report, they said:

"Our participation in this festival means that we have showcased Experimental theatre outside of wales and have had a chance to have our work seen by a wider audience. We also had some very positive and useful feedback from various practitoners which we will use to further improve the work and will help us to keep developing the work in the future.

We are hoping to continue to keep up our links with the theatre companies we have met so that in the future we will be invited to other festivals and can also invite them to Cardiff to showcase work."

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