Moore, James

Residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Austria

James undertook a month long residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt in December 2014. He told us some more about the residency:

"The Salzamt is a converted 1700’s imperial salt storage house on the Danube river banks in Linz, and is now a fully developed studio and residential building, also housing a gallery and a restaurant. It has studios & apartments for 5 international artists and also group studios for local artists based in Linz.

The aim of the organisation is to give young international and local artists the opportunity to work unencumbered by the normal everyday life in a new environment, to exchange ideas with colleagues and work together.

My residency fitted perfectly into the organisations aims, and during my 4 weeks in Linz I created a large amount of new work. Specifically, I commenced 14 new paintings, and have another 5 sketched out in preparation. I will complete these paintings with final touches back here in my studio in Cardiff. This work will be used in exhibitions in 2015 and onwards.

Also during my residency I had time to research and develop my ideas, sketch rough drafts for future works and complete collages and photo montages – this material will all function as a source for new work.

Attending the residency was important to me at this point in my career – I was able to spend 100% of my time working in the studio. The support from Wales Arts International made it possible for me to travel to the residency.

My work has undergone many developments during this intense period. Working alongside new colleagues and in a new environment provoked me into thinking about my work in new ways, and gave me space to analyse and reconsider my practice, review potential directions, discover the underlying trends in my recent work and discuss ideas with colleagues at the residency.

In terms of the wider potential that grew from my being in Austria, I will look to retain links and connections with the artists and curators that I met and with the host organisation Atelierhaus Salzamt. I believe I was the first artist from Wales to attend this residency which has been running since 2009, though they have hosted many UK artists. I hope that I can promote this residency opportunity within Wales in the future. "

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