Shaun Herbert-Stamp

Stamp, Shaun

Arteles Silence Awareness Existence Project, Finland

Shaun undertook a two month residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Haukijärvi, Finland based on the theme of Silence, Awareness, Existence, in November – December 2014. This was a very particular kind of experience for the residency participants because there is such little light at that time of year. This provides them with the opportunity to experience Finland at it’s extreme, and thoroughly immerse themselves in their creative processes.

"I collaborated with a couple of people there and it really gave new perspectives which lead me to entirely new approaches to my ideas and work. At the centre we would all have group talks, discussions and social gatherings and trips. This way of sharing and interacting with other creatives really provided a new source of creativity that will definitely push my work into new directions.

In hindsight what I truly enjoyed and gained out of the residency was the experience of being surrounded with 10 creatives who all worked in such diverse disciplines. I felt that being in such a place such as Finland and in a hub of creativity provided with a rich source of inspiration and reflection for my ideas and plans for future work. What I have gained form this is the knowledge that my art can travel and adapt, reflect my surroundings and interact with the landscape and given culture.

I would strongly recommend this residency to any creatives who need time to focus on a project in a secluded and socially engaging and stimulating environment. I found Arteles to be one of those magical places where art and daily life meet in a symbiotic and little peaceful bubble."

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