Anna Lewis

Packham, Ruth

Felt maker Ruth Packman was supported to exhibit at the Muscat Festival on Oman.

Following the trip, Ruth reported: "I was invited to take part/exhibit and demonstrate felt making in the International arena for art and craft at the Muscat Festival in Oman.

The festival is an annual event and takes place over a month between January and February. The International arena where I was located with my work featured artisans from around 15 countries. I was part of a group of 4 artisans from the UK. I attended the festival from 6th to 22nd February from 4-11pm each day. I was given a space with Artisans from Norway, Nigeria, Macedonia,Kyrgyzstan and the other UK artists. I was able to display my felt work within the space(see image attached) and demonstrate felt making, this I did each day making a number of pieces whilst I was there, inspired by being in Oman.

The award from WAI made my participation in the Muscat Festival possible.

Taking part in the event and travelling to the Middle East has had a huge impact on my practice.

The festival has a massive footfall and thousands of people saw my work and many of those I either showed or talked to about the felt making process, my inspiration, bird life in Oman, among other things."

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