Gwyneth Glyn

Gwyneth Glyn's Thoughts and Experiences

It's the morning after our first show in Mumbai and there's a distinct feeling of relief, pride and excitement as we finally relish an audience's response to this unique colaboration. And what a response! Everyone was surprised at how easy the Ghazal and Welsh folk traditions sat together, and how naturally the instruments gelled.

People were mesmerized by Georgia's delicate and soulful harp-playing, which adds a beautiful layer of Welshness to the sound. It's hard to believe that this is the first time in history that the Ghazal form has been combined with another musical tradition. Tauseef is a true pioneer in this respect; determined to push the boundaries of his craft in order to discover new delight in his ancient tradition. And the discovery is mutual for us, here in the maddeningly vibrant city of Mumbai, far away from the green calm of Tŷ Crwn where the journey began. It's a pleasant paradox that sometimes it is only from a distance that one can see clearly. The way strangers have responded to our tradition of Welsh canu gwerin (folk singing) has awoken us both anew to its richness, and to music's inherent power to cross boundaries, rendering them irrelevant. The welcome we've received here has been as heartwarming as the delicious tadkar, and the care as sweet as the jelebi which ends every meal. We can hardly wait to share our music with eager audiences in Delhi and Chennai, and eventually in the Land of Song itself.

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