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Georgia Ruth's Thoughts and Experiences

There's something very unexpected, and exciting, about finding the familiar in an unfamiliar place. But that's what has happened this week amongst the bustle and heat Mumbai. Before joining Gwyneth on the project, I knew very little about the Ghazal tradition. I've since discovered that this Indian tradition is inherently Welsh! Whether it's the combination of the harmonium with fiddle and plucked instruments, or whether it's the undeniable sense of 'hiraeth' and longing in the Urdu poetry sung by Tauseef, what's certain is that I have felt an affinity with Ghazal: one which feels instinctive. Finding fragments of your self, heritage and musical language in a completely foreign tradition is exhilerating. It's been such a pleasure to meet the musicians and to get the chance, finally, to work with Gwyneth. I'm excited to see what we're able to achieve next!

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