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Williams, Jeremy Huw

Dr Jeremy Huw Williams Recital Tour of China

Jeremy Huw Williams was supported to travel to China to perform recitals in a number of institutions to develop his links in this country and introduce new audiences to his work and Welsh music.

"This was my first visit to China, where I was able to give recitals in Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian and Xi’an, thanks to the grant from Wales Arts International. It was also my recital debut in the Far East, and as a result of my visit I have received open invitations from all of whom I met there to return in the future. Specifically, I have been asked to perform in Beijing in November/December 2015. My international profile and experience has increased significantly because of this tour. Through the support of Wales Arts International I was able to introduce the culture and vocal music of Wales to a diverse audience in north-east China. The concerts were free of charge and extremely well attended. I included Welsh music in each of my public recitals, as well as music by English composers, and music from Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia and the USA. The Chinese-American pianist Dr Paula Ya-Mei Fan and I will collaborate in Wales next season as a result of this project."

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