The Lumen Prize Exhibition

The Lumen Prize Exhibition - Hong Kong

The Lumen Prize took their digital art exhibition to Hong Kong in June 2014, displaying 50 works from the Lumen Prize Exhibition and an installation by the winner of the Founder’s Prize, Genetic Moo in collaboration with Hong Kong artists. This allowed them to expand their network in Hong Kong, meet local digital artists, and build long term relationships to develop the organisation’s reach.

The organisers also met with British Council Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, representatives of the City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University.

About their experience, the Lumen Prize they said:

"Given the strong connections we had begun to establish before we landed in Hong Kong, we had an excellent flow of visitors to the show – averaging about 100 people a day - including a significant number of local Hong Kong artists, gallery owners and academics who were able to use our show to meet and network with each other.

Also, the equipment we were able to rent allowed local artists to collaborate with Lumen’s Founder’s Prize Artists, Genetic Moo, in a dedicated part of the show, which was run and curated by Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup, the UK artists who run Genetic Moo. Their installation, called Microworld, drew a further 6 HK digital artists to collaborate with our show.

The HK trip built up our confidence for the future. We are now preparing to take the show to New York City as part of a collaboration with two art colleges there, the Fine Arts Department of New York Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts, one of the leading institutions teaching digital art in the country. Our experience in HK will assist us with making that show more inclusive and interactive, based on the lessons learned in HK. This should assist us in raising our profile in the US, which has an active and thriving digital art community. With a strong foothold in Asia and the US, Lumen is well-placed to develop into a well-rounded international art prize."

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