Matthew Cook

Cook, Matthew

Experimentica - Around Artistic Exchange, Hong Kong

Matthew had been involved in a cultural exchange between Wales and Hong Hong through Chapter Arts Centre’s Experimentica festival and was looking to continue to build partnerships already created. With this project, Matthew was hoping to build on his network of artists and organisers in order to create more opportunities to show his work in Hong Kong in the future.

The project took place at both the Experimentica festival and at a similar festival in Hong Kong. Matthew had the opportunity to work collaboratively with artists from different cultures but who work with similar concepts, using sound as a tool in their work. Matthew’s own work is based around the sound of the city, moving through the city and the way that movement can influence ones emotions. This was the first time he had worked work collaboratively in an international context.

WAI provided support for Matthew Cook to travel to Hong Kong to take part in a collaborative project with local artists for an experimental festival.

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