Arad Goch

WHERE THE LEAVES BLOW ' - LES FEUILLES QUI VOLENT EN HAUT, International Neapolis Festival for Kids, Nabeul, Tunisia

Arad Goch were supported to present their production, Where the Leaves Blow, at the International Neapolis Festival for Kids, Nabeul in Tunisia in December 2013. They performed four times in English and Arabic to nearly 500 children and adults.

One of the performers from the company, Gethin Evans, noted:

Showcasing the production in a foreign environment gave us the opportunity to perform our work alongside companies from all over of the world. This sparked many conversations and ideas regarding the development of theatre for young people worldwide. This was fascinating as it not only gave us the chance to share Arad Goch's work and intentions but to question and develop it having seen and discussed many genres of theatre for young audiences.

It developed the piece and our skills as performers as we performed in Arabic to an audience with extremely limited English. It was an extremely valuable experience for me as a theatre creator working in Wales, as I had the opportunity to sample a range of works that are not necessarily available here, therefore developing my cultural and artistic knowledge and enriching future projects.

It was an extremely rewarding week in Tunisia, with children responding beautifully to the production. Their gratitude and enthusiasm was flattering and proved that the production is engaging for audiences of any culture.

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