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Wales Arts International is seeking arts associates

As part of the Arts Council of Wales’ recruitment of new associates, Wales Arts International (WAI) is looking to engage a pool of international associates to shape and deliver our programme of work.

WAI is the international agency of Arts Council and delivers a number of programme, partnerships and projects in Wales and internationally. We regularly seek specialist support to deliver our presence at events, to manage partnerships and in priority territories. We are now looking to broaden international engagement articulated in the new Arts Council of Wales international strategy to be launched early in 2019 which will include a new focus on enabling more people to engage with the world through the arts and on socially driven practices.

If you’d like to be involved please apply to become an associate of the Arts Council of Wales and specify your international interests, skills and experience. We are particularly looking for:

Experience in running international projects involving multiple partners

Good communication skills

Good project management/reporting skills

Experience of budget management

Fluency in languages (in addition to Welsh and / or English)

Strong international networks/connections/ membership

Experience in producing events and collaborations

Experience in organising international delegations

Experience in managing inter-cultural projects with diverse international communities in Wales

Experience and knowledge of working with Government departments and agencies (in Wales and UK level)

Strong arts sector knowledge in Wales and/or international

WAI team will be present at the Arts Council of Wales Arts Associate days on 22 January (in Swansea) 23rd January (in Wrexham).

For more details about the practicalities, fees and applications please click here.

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