Open Call for All the Way South Research Fund – Guangdong

Open Call for All the Way South Research Fund – Guangdong

In 2017, Guangdong Times Museum is launching Operation PRD: All the Way South Research Fund. As a theoretical orientation and action plan, the self-diasporic gesture of Operation PRD: All the Way South can be traced back to the 19th-century emigration of Cantonese laborers to the Southern regions and countries, including Southeast Asia and Cuba, in the period of colonial trade; its also a critical response to today’s global crisis of neoliberalism and neocolonialism. Northern countries, as representatives of modernity, are still regarded as the center and canon of knowledge production and cultural constructs under the worldwide imperial condition, which continue to marginalize histories, experiences, and knowledge of the peripheral and the local.

Operation PRD: All the Way South Research Fund will initiate and support projects that fulfill the following criteria:
- Projects that engage with regional perspectives of the Pearl River Delta and the writing of local art history that intersect with the movement of globalization
- Historical research on the exchange and dialogue between China and other countries of the Global South with regard to the circulation of artistic ideas, productions and exhibitions
- Projects that challenge Northern-centric perspectives, and explore new networks of theoretical reflection and action
- Projects that develop critical responses to and investigations of issues of colonialism, nature, gender, class, and race under the framework of "Southern Theory"

Deadline 31 July 2017

Full details and how to apply:

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