Cardiff University: 6th International Marxist Aesthetics Forum: “Creativity, Critique and Globalisation”

Cardiff University: 6th International Marxist Aesthetics Forum: “Creativity, Critique and Globalisation”

Cardiff University are pleased to announce that the 6th International Marxist Aesthetics Forum: "Creativity, Critique and Globalisation" will be held here in Cardiff. The Forum is co-organized by the School of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University, China; Beijing Normal-Cardiff Chinese College and the Centre for Ideology Critique and Žižek Studies at the School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University.

Over the past 20 years, the theoretical and practical relevance of the cultural and creative economy has fast risen in China, both in terms of academic research and as a financial and socio-political investment into industrial and post-industrial development.

Since prevalent conceptualizations of the creative-cultural economy have been derived from, and are preoccupied with, the socio-economic conditions characteristic of OECD countries and their global networks of production and capital flows, China is currently facing two distinct challenges. Firstly, it lacks indigenous theories incorporating Chinese culture, history, society and politics into such plans of economic development; secondly, the value of creative originality tends to be subsumed under the banner of economic performativity, with little room for its application to other areas of human creativity, as has been and continues to be the case in Europe.

A substantial part of this conference is therefore dedicated to the discussion of current developments in China’s cultural and creative economy, both in their own terms and by mapping them against potential alternatives emerging from a variety of fields of critical investigation in the arts and humanities.

The aim is to evaluate the premises supporting current creative economy strategies in China and elsewhere, while promoting dialogue and knowledge exchange among scholars from across the globe about practices and interpretations of creativity, critique and globalization that match the gravity of the challenges we are confronted with today.

Keynote Speaker: Christine M. Merkel, Head of Division of Culture, Communication, Memory of the World from the German Commission for UNESCO.

Conference cost: £60

Register by 23 June

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