NTW Artist Playground Tutbat

Artists Playground: Tutbat

예술가들의 놀이터

International performance residency (Korea and Wales)

11 – 22.09.2017

National Theatre Wales and Performance Group TUIDA (South Korea) have come together to offer a brand new and unique artist residency in South Korea. Based on the experience and methods of both companies, the Artist Playground will focus on supporting the creation of innovative ideas, artistic experiments and cross-cultural collaborations.

What will it be like:

Artists’ Playground is for adventurous, inquisitive and collaborative artists working across a variety of art forms (theatre, choreography, writing, live art, installation, digital practices etc) and who are looking for an opportunity to spend time developing their practice alongside others. During the residency, there will be time for making and sharing new work, for reflection, discussion and investigation of personal approaches to making, and how work is made in the wider world.

The group will be made up of a diverse group of 16 artists at different stages of their careers, from emerging to more established. As a participant, you will have the space and time to test out ideas, working with other members of the group. There will be opportunities for you to share what you have been up to, and to engage in critical discourse.

How to apply:

Please complete the online application form which can be found here:


DEADLINE: 31.03.2017 at 18:00 (GMT)

For more information, get in contact with:


This project is part of the British Council’s UK-South Korea Season 2017-18 ‘Creative Futures’, and has been supported by British Council Wales, Wales Arts International and British Council Korea.

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