Anna Lewis

Catrin Morris - Trelew

Catrin is originally Welsh but moved to Trelew many years ago. She was central to organising a number of events in Trelew over the year. Here are some of her highlights.

It's been an incredible year for us here in Trelew, where we have been celebrating the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Welsh in Patagonia. We have been most fortunate to have witnessed events and activities that were arranged to celebrate this important milestone.

There have been some memorable highlights, such as Gwennan Gibbard’s concert, which started the celebrations, where she shared a stage with local artists, and the highlight of the evening when they joined together to sing a memorable version of Ysbryd y Nos, and an Argentinean folk song – which sounded somewhat different with the accompaniment of the harp.

One incredibly interesting project is Cefyn Burgess's project Perthyn. It was Mari Emlyn, from Galeri Caernarfon, who had the idea of developing a project that would mark the connection between Caernarfon and Trelew, and as Trelew is the wool processing centre of Argentina, a decision was made to invite Cefyn Burgess to take part. Cefyn has focused on the environment, history and geography of Patagonia, and has exchanged ideas with local artists who work with native techniques. There are three parts to the project – a memorial quilt, a project on chapels in the Wladfa and educational work with Ysgol yr Hendre (Hendre School) in Trelew. This was one of the best projects to have come about during the 150 year anniversary, because it unites so many different elements, and it celebrates the past whilst fashioning the future.

The highlight of the year for many people was the performance by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales in Trelew at the end of October. But for the region's educational community, the highlight might well have been the many educational and community projects that were held in the week before the grand concert. An incredibly friendly group of about a dozen musicians came to hold workshops throughout the local area – in special schools, in the Welsh schools and with the local youth orchestras, and a concert was held in an old people’s home, which was most memorable. This project has left a mark that will be felt for years to come.

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