University of Wales Institute Cardiff


University of Wales Institute Cardiff's ambition is very simple – to make Cardiff School of Art & Design one of the best places in the country to study Fine Art.

The Institute does this by offering a challenging curriculum founded on principles British art schools have fostered over decades: imaginative thinking, critical awareness, sound technical knowledge, and a deep understanding of art history.

It encourage students to develop their drawing skills, working from life and the model, to gain lasting proficiency with tools, materials and processes, and study significant artworks as a source of inspiration and guide to excellence. Working in the city-centre studios and having access to a superb historical collection at the National Museum, the students are not only immersed in a rich contemporary art scene but have intimate contact with great artists of the past.

Cardiff School of Art & Design embraces new creative opportunities - new technologies, new media hybrids and interdisciplinary practices and are aware that the art of the future, whatever it looks like, will be different from the art of the present or the past. The students are the artists of the future, and the Institute encourage them to break molds, to look afresh at what is possible, at what art can do or say.


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Patagonia - Marc Rees