Trinity College Carmarthen


Established in 1848, Trinity College has an excellent reputation in the areas of education and humanities, the creative, cultural and performing arts, as well as for courses related to the outdoors and community development.

It is a campus-based college located on the outskirts of Carmarthen, a busy market town in south west Wales. Teaching facilities, information and library services, accommodation, student services and the students’ union are all on one campus, making it a safe and welcoming environment for students and staff.

The added value is the opportunity for students to acquire a range of additional skills, to take part in the activities both within the College and the Community, and to contribute to the Trinity’s growing international dimension. The Students’ Union is a focal point outside lectures and offers a range of services and activities to enable students to make the most of their time at College.

Trinity’s fine art course is ideal for anyone who enjoys and appreciates art, in particular those who are interested in the areas of painting, ceramics, sculpture and other forms of three-dimensional work. It is designed specifically for individuals who are open to new ideas and who wish to explore their own thoughts, beliefs and ideals, and to communicate these through their creative work.


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