The trio Taith is a unique collaboration between musicians from Wales, Dylan Fowler and Gillian Stevens and renowned Finnish musician, Timo Vaananen. They specialise in combining traditional based music from Wales and Finland alongside composed pieces that show the influence of their collective travels and experiences as musicians. The group blends wonderful acoustic sounds together through the use of Kantele, Viols, Crwth, Guitars, Mandocello, Whistles and percussion.

The group formed five years ago when Dylan was the representative for Wales as part of the Music of the Northlands project, which brought musicians together from Scandinavia and the UK for a prestigious tour throughout the respective countries. On this tour he met with Timo who is the leading player in Finland of the traditional Kantele. Musical sparks were created and when Gillian entered into the frame, the project took shape as Taith. Each musician is known internationally in his or her own right.

"Understated gem of a record from three very fine players; Dylan Fowler (guitars, percussion, oboe), Timo Vaananen (kantele, jouhikko) and Gillian Stevens (viols, crwth)."
- BBC online review of ‘Now & Then’ by Taith

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