Gwyneth Glyn

Gwyneth Glyn

Gwyneth’s music is a blend of contemporary Welsh folk music and heart-warming, memorable melodies, through which past and present stories are told. She weaves her songs from the fabric of her voice, creating a sound that is meaningful and honest.

Her acoustic guitar is a second voice that has its own distinctive character. She sings of the land, the weather and the ebb and flow of the heart. The nature of her work is intuitive and timeless.

Accompanied only by her guitar, or with a selection of talented musicians, she includes instruments from the four corners of the world; bousouki, pedal steel and accordion, that enriches her main instrument and the lyrical poetry of her songs.

"…Gwyneth’s second album borders on perfection… A wonderful voice, haunting melodies and an extraordinary eloquence - a sorceress at work."
- Tudur Huws Jones, Yr Herald Cymraeg, May 9th 2007

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