Burum play a unique blend of Welsh Traditional music and modern jazz. Featuring the best talent from both the Welsh jazz and folk scenes, Burum are creating a new musical vernacular for Welsh traditional music.

Burum’s original interpretations of Welsh folk songs demonstrate a deep respect for the melodies themselves while also allowing for the flexibility and dynamics of jazz improvisation. The inclusion of the Welsh bag/horn pipe to augment a standard jazz quintet creates a beautiful soundscape at once enchanting and exciting.

Featuring Tomos Williams (trumpet), Ceri Rhys Matthews (Welsh hornpipe), Daniel Williams (saxes), Dave Jones (piano), Chris O Connor (bass), Mark O Connor (drums).

"My Tip for 2008 – look out for young Welsh-based trumpeter Tomos Williams and his band Burum who’ve recently released ‘Alawon’ – jazz on Welsh folk tunes complete with Welsh pipes."
– Jim Smith, Jazzwise Magazine, December 2007

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