The Gentle Good

The Gentle Good

The Gentle Good is the work of Cardiff based songwriter and multi instrumentalist Gareth Bonello. With music rooted in the folk tradition of the British Isles and a guitar style learned from the great pickers of the 1960s, The Gentle Good is at once contemporary and timeless.

Honest and tender vocals accompany intricate guitar parts and subtle string arrangements to draw the listener into a world of magic, mystery and calm. A captivating live performer, The Gentle Good delivers beautiful songs in English, Welsh and Spanish and weaves memorable tales throughout.

"Bonello is Nick Drake on ‘The Hitcher’, John Renbourn on ‘Amser’ and yet himself on all the tracks - recognisably Welsh but pulling in elements of American country and folk. The highlight comes at the end though in ‘Waiting For Jane’, which is simple, infectious folk sublimity. This is a train you want to catch."
- Review of ‘Dawel Disgyn’ EP by Wyl Menmuir – FLY Global Music Culture: Europe

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