Catrin Finch & Cimarron

This exciting and high-profile harp-based international music project combines the awesome talent of Catrin Finch (Cymru/Wales), regarded as one of the world's leading harp players and classical crossover success, with Cimarron (Colombia), a seven piece llanera group led by harpist and composer Carlos Rojas, and drawn from the mestizo people that inhabit the savannahs of the great Orinoco river.

Catrin Finch and Cimarron first met each other in Caernarfon, Wales in November 2007. During an intense four days, they exchanged and developed tunes and songs from each other’s native culture, each being led by the other’s harp tradition. Traditional Colombian rhythms saw the injection of Catrin’s stunning virtuosity, whilst traditional Welsh melodies became infused with a vibrant Latin identity.

"Finch is a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon who has such a mastery of her instrument, combined with deep musical insight, that others pale in comparison."
- William Furtwangler, Charleston Post and Courier, June 2006

"Catrin Finch plays the harp. When she does, the world stops turning. I have heard hundreds of harp players in my time, but nothing quite like this - she is simply staggering.."
- Simon Honywill, on Adiemus Live! in Japan, March 2004.

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