Huw Stephens

Introduction by Huw Stephens

In every corner of the small and beautifully formed country of Wales, musicians continue to create captivating music that blend traditional Welsh and Celtic sounds, presented in a contemporary style.

This compilation by Wales Arts International highlights the wealth of talent our country has to offer. Coming under the broad description of ‘World Music’ (a term that has many connotations for many different people) this is a selection of musicians, groups and individual artists as well as interesting collaborations and projects. Here we have Welsh world music, made in our country with influences from far and wide. For every artist included here there are many more for you to discover.

Some you may well have heard of, such as Cerys Matthews and Catrin Finch; who continue to push boundaries creatively and leave audiences around the world wanting more, with their projects involving different ideas and musicians. Others such as Sild, mix languages, sounds and cultural backgrounds to create hypnotic and unforgettable music. Some, such as Georgia Ruth Williams and The Gentle Good are new names that are guaranteed to creating a lasting and astounding impact.

I hope you enjoy the music selection presented here. This is just a taste of the excellence that we have to offer in Wales, which we would like to share with the world.

Huw Stephens
Radio 1 DJ and member of Wales Arts International panel of Judges

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