Fusing tales from Welsh Folks dark heritage with melodies that conjure memories of long forgotten songs, 9Bach's musical journey has taken them far beyond their roots in the Mountains of North Wales and the Spoon Playing backstreets of North London.

Inspired by Wales' rich history of Folk music and with a desire to breathe new life into some of its buried treasures, 9Bach have distilled over 200 years worth of songs to create a honey-dipped sound that will leave you with your heart warmed, and your jaw dropped.

"9Bach offer a tantalising taster for their debut album, due in early 2009, with the hypnotic, spectral beauty of "Yr Eneth Ga’dd Ei Gwrthod". This Welsh nu – folk act evoke the unearthly atmosphere of ancient music, while adopting the urgency of, say, Portishead, creating a sound that puts them at the forefront of those pioneers mixing up Folk"
- "Rock "n" Reel" magazine July/August 2008

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